Monday, April 22, 2013

It's the finals!

Have you been watching My Kitchen Rules?

We are addicted and by we, I mean all of us. I really have been a bad mother and let my children stay up watching MKR most nights.

My son is so excited that the 'Tassie Boys' won Come Back Kitchen last night and will be returning to the competition tonight.

As for my daughter, she makes for a pretty good judge, with plenty to say about each meal. The other night she said: 

"That dish would be fine Mum, if you were cooking it for your family that love you, but not for the judges, they should never have served that!"

She is six.

And for me, I have just got to stop calling everyone 'Babe'

It is good to see the Queenslanders, Dan & Steph and Jake & Elle go straight through to the final. Go Queensland!

As you can see, there has been a lot of influence in own kitchen. Here is one of my son's creations.

 And my daughters.

And on St Patricks Day they took over the kitchen to present dessert. My son had been thinking about what he had wanted to create all afternoon. Here it is: my apple cake with piped whipped cream, blueberries and chocolate chips and two squares of white cooking chocolate.

Bless him.

No one ate the white cooking chocolate squares except him!

Are you addicted too? Who do you want to win?

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  1. That's so cute! I made an apple cake last night - nowhere near as healthy as your sons cake!!! Yes go Dan and Steph, Jake and Elle!!


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