Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dublin Coddle

Another Irish recipe today.

I actually hadn't made Dublin Coddle for a while but thought that it would be the preferred dish on St Patrick's Day for my kids. I was right, the kids loved it and so did everyone else. This recipe is a combination of a few that I found on the Internet.

Dublin Coddle

• 300 grams bacon rashers (cut in half)
• 600 grams pork sausages/chipolatas
• bacon fat or oil
• 2 large onions (sliced)
• 2 cloves garlic (smashed and left whole)
• 4 large potatoes (thickly sliced - about 2 cm wide)
• 2 carrots (thickly sliced - about 1-2 cm wide)
• 1 small bunch herbs (parsley, thyme and bay leaves - tied with string)
• salt and pepper
• 400 grams alcoholic cider
• 400 grams chicken stock

to serve

• finely chopped parsley

In a frying pan, fry the bacon rashers until crisp and transfer to a large heavy based casserole pot. Brown the sausages, add a little extra bacon fat or oil if required. Put the browned sausages on top of the bacon. Saute the onions and garlic until soft. Mix the onion mixture with the potatoes and carrots and add that to the pot last. Put the herbs deep in the middle of the vegetables and season to taste - watch the salt as the bacon could be salty. Pour over the cider and stock and put on to the stove top. Cover and bring to just under the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer at the lowest heat for 2-3 hours.

 Some notes:

• I didn't use a separate frying pan to cook my meat, as you will see in the photo's, it's up to you if you want to use the same pan or not. Next time I think I will cook it in the frying pan first, as I have written
I used old fashioned fat pork sausages and cut them in half after I had browned them, mainly for serving purposes. The last time I made this I used chipolatas.
I don't think I need to say this, but: use the very best pork sausages you can find.

Happy Cooking.

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