Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let the Easter feasting begin

Anyone who knows me, knows that; were there is tradition, there is food.

Easter is no different.

Yesterday we had a quiet Good Friday lunch at home. I like to cook a more formal lunch on Good Friday, usually with our parents and grandparents. The table is set with a linen or lace tablecloth and the good china gets dusted off. We always eat fish. I like subtle flavours and wine wine on this day.

Easter Sunday
is always a more casual lunch, an open house for anyone who wants to come. Friends, family, kids and mayhem. I usually cook a roast lamb, served with a table filled with large salads, dips and bread. There is usually red wine and loud music, easter egg hunts and way to much chocolate.

Our menu yesterday:

koulibiaca (a Russian fish pie)

polish potato salad

shaved fennel and watercress salad

a simple salad plate

And for dessert, pear, chocolate and ricotta cake
What do you like to eat for Easter at your place?

What are your favourite Easter celebrations


  1. wow..your easter friday meal looks really impressive and very stylish..

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments. It was a really nice day. I'll post some recipes from the day very soon:)


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