Monday, August 22, 2011

Lets leave it to "The Colonel"

Did you watch the Masterchef episode when this years contestants went to the iconic Harlem restaurant "Sylvia's" in New York?

After that episode, I couldn't stop thinking about the 'southern fried chicken with cream gravy' recipe that I used to make when I first left home. I went through a southern food phase - gumbo, jambalaya, creole, peach pies: you get the picture.

I couldn't find my recipe, but I knew that I had soaked the chicken in buttermilk and tabasco. I also remembered that I had oven baked the chicken. After a bit of google searching, I had a new recipe and inspiration to cook the best fried chicken ever. Going against my better judgement, I decided to shallow fry the chicken.

It was a disaster.

1. I don't like the flavour of fried food, we hardly ever eat it

2. I don't like the smell of fried food, especially throughout my entire house!

3. despite taking extra steps for the perfect crispy coating - it all fell off

4. and..... it stuck to the pan, in fact the pan is still soaking

5. I was so cranky, I didn't bother with the cream gravy.

6. from now on, I plan to only eat southern fried chicken when in 'The South'

7. maybe, just maybe, I might oven bake the same recipe and make the cream gravy. If I do and if it's good, you will be the first to know.

But please remind me, that I am never going to fry southern fried chicken again!

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