Thursday, August 25, 2011

I feel like chicken, leek and mushroom pie

Now if only I could find the recipe for that yummy, chicken, leek and mushroom pie that I have made in the past.

The weather is perfect: cold, bleak, windy and raining. I even have a new pie dish.

I am dreaming of a chicken, leek and mushroom pie that I cooked for friends when they came to visit my son for the first time. That was nearly 6 and a half years ago. We are still talking about that pie and I can still hear the chorus of "Hmmm" and "Yummm" from around the table on that cold wet day in June.

Do you think I can find the recipe that I used?

Of course not. There was a newborn in the house, I definitely wouldn't have put it in any logical place.

Do you have a best ever chicken leek and mushroom pie recipe I could try?


  1. No sorry but if you ever track yours down make sure you post it. You probably filed it under the cakes section or the like.

  2. No, but I could make one up for you...
    Saute Chicken, Leeks and mushrooms in loads of butter, add some white wine, a big handful of fresh parsley, and maybe a sprinkle of oregano season with salt & pepper, add a little plain flour and about a cup of chicken stock just to make a nice smooth consistency, (maybe even add a drizzle of cream...) Get out your Day to Day cookery & look up Pastry...need I say more! There you go, Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie! Save some for me!


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