Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Collected and shared

I picked up this book at the library last week. The author has collected recipes from friends and family from around the world and put into this cute little book - hence the name.

We have already cooked:

• hardly baked 'kladdkaka', a small Swedish chocolate cake made by Johanna

• cabbage stew, like lasagne with cabbage, a family recipe handed down to Hege's from her father

• leek pie, a recipe Meri knows by heart
• chicken, pomegrante and walnut casserole, Noorshin's traditional Persian recipe

I absolutely love food with a story, with a history. To me, that is true comfort food. Cook food with love. Share food with love.

I really like Kristin's (the author) recipe swap idea. The perfect dinner party. Everyone who comes along brings one of their favourite dishes to share and the recipe for everyone to take home with them.

On a similar theme, I was reading about a jam/preserve making parties recently. In not one, but two different publications. I started thinking back to when I lived in Brisbane years ago. A friend and I would buy a huge box of strawberries, mid season and get together to make luscious strawberry jam. We did this a few years running. I remember us in our old kitchen, the many windows flung open to the warm breezes and scent of jasmine that climbed the fence below.

And that smell of strawberry jam!

I didn't realise until now, how important those days were.....

Anyone for jam making?

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  1. Oh I wish I was close to enough to wave my hand madly in the air and say "Can I come?" lol. I have never made jam and want to learn. I have a recipe sitting here but I need to collect some jars first.


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