Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brussels Sprouts - are you for or against?

I think I have only eaten brussels spouts twice before. Both of my parents have bad childhood memories of brussels sprouts. I don't remember them ever being cooked in my childhood home.

The first time I tasted them, I cringed, what I was served was overcooked, tasteless and a little cold, if I remember correctly. They had completely lived up to the brussels sprouts reputation. The second time I ate them, they were delicious. When I saw Jamie Oliver cook them with bacon, chestnut and sage butter on his Christmas DVD, I knew I wanted to try cooking them myself. I am always inspired to get back into the kitchen after watching one of Jamie's cooking shows.

This weekend at our local farmers market, I saw these baby brussels sprouts, they were calling out my name, I had to buy them. I cooked Delia's 'brussels sprouts in riesling and with bacon' and they weren't bad, I'm almost converted. I definitely needed a little more salt, and I cooked them for a little longer than Delia did in her recipe.

How do you cook your brussels sprouts? Do you have any tips?

So... am I for or against? I'm not sure yet. But I will give it another try, maybe try Jamie's recipe.

I would love to grow my own, did you know that brussels sprouts grow like this? Now I bet they would taste good.


  1. I was not a fan (read hated them) as kid and have never tried them again. My mum tried to pass them off as baby cabbages. Sorry mum nothing like it.

  2. What a lovely blog! You have been busy. Beautiful photos.

    ok PLEASE try this recipe - it's the only way to eat brussels sprouts!


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